Our Team

Christoph Aikens
Front of House Lead, Inspiration Kitchens
773-878-0981 x 16

LaTasha Barker
Senior Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x 227

Mulu Belete
Employment Specialist
773-878-0981 x 13

Camri Bell
Housing Case Manager
773-878-0981 x 234

Kayla Braverman
Homeless Engagement Case Manager
773-878-0981 x 230

Yohan Cho
Director of Finance
773-878-0981 x 220

Mary Coy
Chief Development Officer
773-878-0981 x 204

Joy Darr
Director of Housing Services
773-878-0981 x 240

Kimberly Davis
Chief Finance Officer
773-878-0981 x 201

Michael Farrell
Short-Term Housing Programs Manager
773-878-0981 x 237

John Fox
Development Coordinator
773-878-0981 x 259

Julio Gonzalez
General Manager, Inspiration Kitchens
773-878-0981 x 15

Jaclyn Green
Housing Case Manager
773-878-0981 x 239

Samara Hendersen
Head Chef, Inspiration Kitchens
773-878-0981 x 20

Thomas Hodson
Kitchen Manager

Antwain Lee
Kitchen Manager

Anthony Lewis
Staff Accountant 
773-878-0981 x 205

Rodney Lewis
Operations Assistant

Sarah Lipo
Grants Manager
773-878-0981 x 221

Beatrice Maldonado
Chef Instructor/Employment Specialist
773-878-0981 x 18

Jason Mattox
Workforce Development/Jericho Scholar Case Manager
773-878-0981 x 11

Katie Merkys
Office Manager
773-878-0981 x 202

Guy Merola
IT & Facilities Manager
773-878-0981 x 246

Judah Merrell
Housing Case Manager
773-878-0981 x 232

Danielle Miner
Workforce Development/Jericho Scholar Case Manager
773-878-0981 x 26

Jacob Newbart
Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x 213

Tuan Nguyen
Homeless Engagement Program Manager
773-878-0981 x 241

Maaliyah O’Connor
Marketing and Events Coordinator
773-878-0981 x 002

Nancy Phillips
Chief Program Officer
773-878-0981 x 225

Shannon Stewart
Executive Director & CEO
773-878-0981 x 224

Anna Wilson
Program Assistant
773-878-0981 x 210

Hallie Witmer
Associate Director of Development
773-878-0981 x 231

Scott Wittkopf
Lead Chef Instructor
773-878-0981 x 25

Success Stories

Our Foodservice Training Program empowers members of our community with the tools they need to succeed in the foodservice industry and prepares them for a sustainable career path.

One of our program graduates, Chef Anthony Scardino came to Inspiration Corporation almost 10 years ago to start working towards a career in the foodservice industry. After completing his training, Tony went on to work at popular Chicago restaurants, and eventually launched his own business, Professor Pizza! 

Read Anthony’s Story


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