Alexa Feela

Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x236

Ashley Pontarelli

Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x232

Antwain Lee

Kitchen Manager
773-878-0981 x21

Beatrice Maldonado

Chef Trainer and Employment Specialist
773-878-0981 x18

Caleb Dupree

Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x229

Colin Higgins

Development and Communications Manager
773-878-0981 x221

Damien Turner

Cafe Kitchen Manager
773-878-0981 x207

Demetrius Cooper

Meals Specialist and Driver

Emily Dehr

Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x238

Emma Kelley 

Marketing and Events Coordinator
773-878-0981 x222

Guy Merola

IT & Facilities Manager
773-878-0981 x246

Hallie Witmer

Associate Director of Development
773-878-0981 x231

Jake Newbart

Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x213

Jillian Wilner

IDHS Project Manager
773-878-0981 x208

Jodie Jarcho

Development Associate
773-878-0981 x259

Joy Bradford

Director of Housing Services
773-878-0981 x240

Julio Gonzalez

General Manager
773-878-0981 x15

Kayla Braverman

Avodah Resource Specialist
773-878-0981 x230

Kimberly Davis

Chief Financial Officer
773-878-0981 x201

Latasha Barker

Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x227

Lisa Brock

HR Generalist
773-878-0981 x245

Mike Farrell

Short-Term Housing Programs Manager
773-878-0981 x237

Nancy Phillips

Chief Program Officer
773-878-0981 x225

Raiki Adams

HUD Project Manager
773-878-0981 x243

Rebecca Williams

Program Assistant
773-878-0981 x237

Samantha Ruwe

Homeless Engagement Services Clinical Case Manager
773-878-0981 x245

Samara Hightower

Head Chef
773-878-0981 x20

Sarah Wagner

Jericho Fund Coordinator and Senior Case Manager
773-878-0981 x223

Scott Wittkopf

Chef Trainer
773-878-0981 x25

Shajuanta Johnson

Housing Retention Specialist
773-878-0981 x234

Shannon Stewart

Executive Director & CEO
773-878-0981 x224

Sheena Roque

Meals Program Coordinator
773-878-0981 x241

Stephanie Levine

Employment Navigator
773-878-0981 x226

Tesneem Elewa

Employment Specialist
773-878-0981 x13

Yohan Cho

Accounting Manager
773-878-0981 x220

Inspiration Cafe Staff

Anna Wilson
Ed Edwards
Jeffrey Faust
Kathleen Moore
Renee Martin
Rodney Lewis
Thomas Hodson

Success Stories

After a traumatic past and struggles with addiction led her through our doors, Madeline was eager to begin a new chapter in our Foodservice Training program.

Despite fears about her background, she discovered a welcoming environment that provided the opportunity to pursue her passion for culinary arts and nutrition education. She’s now stably employed and continues to encourage others through her compassion and dedication.

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