Congratulations to Ryan C., our May 2016 Volunteer of the Month! It is typical for Ryan to fill an average of 15 volunteer shifts in a month, which is an ENORMOUS help to our Meals Program as we can rely on his extreme dedication to support our kitchen and dining room.

We are so thankful that Ryan is a part of our team – here’s what he said about his experience volunteering with us:

How did you hear about Inspiration Corporation?

I heard about the café from an acquaintance at work.Volunteer of the Month - Ryan C.

What is the most enjoyable part about volunteering for you?

The thing I enjoy most is the challenge of cooking under the busy breakfast rush and seeing people enjoying the food that we prepare.

What aspect of volunteering are you most excited about? What is the most challenging?

I am excited every morning when I walk through the doors at the cafe because to me it’s fun. Not knowing who you get to work with that day along with meeting and talking with the people that you provide a meal for is exciting to me. My next challenge in the kitchen is to master the eggs station; I have the grill down now to where I can cook the pancakes and French toast to order.

What is your volunteer background?

My background in volunteering before the cafe is not much, a few Relay for Life cancer walks.

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because it’s fun, and it’s the right thing to do. I think anyone who is mentally and physically capable should volunteer at some point in their lives.

Describe one of the most interesting experiences you’ve had as a volunteer?

Being the volunteer of the month : )

What are your hobbies, besides volunteering?

Movies, music, cooking, camping, being outdoors, photography.

What have you learned from your volunteer experience?

I have learned that this is where I belong at this point and time in my life and I will continue to help out as much as I can for as long as I can.