Andrea, an Inspiration Corporation Housing Services program participant, became homeless at 18 when her mother moved into a one-bedroom apartment without her and her sister. While working and going to school, Andrea was left with few options, so she moved in with her new boyfriend. “I was forced to stay with him and his family and we didn’t really know each other.”

From there Andrea stayed with friends, and while she still kept working, she struggled to stay on top of things without privacy or the freedom to come and go.  “I would turn to drinking and some forms of drug use, because it’s hard.”  Even though she was contributing to the rent, she was constantly reminded that she should feel fortunate for a floor to sleep on.

Andrea and her case manager, Joy

Andrea (right) and her case manager, Joy (left).

Andrea enrolled in Inspiration Corporation’s Housing program in 2010 after having already completed one of the agency’s job training programs. Andrea credits the stability of having her own place for the progress she has made toward her goals. “If you’re living with someone or you’re homeless, you can do certain things but you have certain limits.”

Andrea’s experiences at Inspiration Corporation have given her a change in perspective: “My outlook is more positive in the aspect of trying to maintain and realizing that I do have a mental health problem.” Our programs also helped her focus on mindfulness in her personal and professional life. Joy, her case manager, works with Andrea regularly to help maintain and improve her mental health, maintain housing, and work on her education.


Now, Andrea wants to learn how to drive, and recently earned her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license gaining some experience working in healthcare. She wants to go to nursing school and work with the elderly. “All of the goals I’ve set so far, I intend to see them out and then make new goals.”

“I truly appreciate Inspiration Corporation and all it’s done for me. For those who have been on the street and finally get housing, it’s a beautiful thing.”