We’d like to take a moment and tell you a bit about our two fantastic volunteer committee c0-chairs for this year’s One Inspired Evening, Wendy Raymer and Lincoln Anderson! In just a few short years, these two have taken the event by storm and have been an integral part of its growth and success.

We asked each of them what it means to be a part of the committee and what Inspiration Corporation means to them.

Lincoln & Wendy cropped

Lincoln Anderson and Wendy Raymer after a recent committee meeting.

Wendy Raymer is a Director of U.S. Community Affairs for BMO Harris bank. This is her second year on the committee and first year as co-chair. Her thoughts on the organization are:

“The first time I heard about Inspiration Corporation was when Lisa Nigro was awarded the Bank of America Neighborhood Builder award a few years back (2010). She got up to speak about her journey and the organization, and it was… inspiring! I loved hearing how her genuine concern for others has grown into a powerhouse organization that meets people where they’re at and provides the resources they need to improve their lives.

Inspiration Corporation’s commitment to people who need a chance remains strong and steady, which is exactly what’s needed through life’s uncertainties. Another element I appreciate is that even though it’s got a profound mission with serious needs to address, I’ve always felt its positive and vibrant spirit. Can an organization have a spirit? I think so! The staff, volunteers, participants and supporters of this organization consistently demonstrate hope and good cheer. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be involved with One Inspired Evening and the committee, and I can’t wait for the event!”

Lincoln Anderson is a Craft Beer Specialist Ranger for New Belgium Brewing. This is also his second year on the committee and his second year as c0-chair, He is also a member of the Inspiration Corporation Board of Directors. He says:

“I got involved with Inspiration Corporation a few years ago by donating beer for Taste of Inspiration fundraiser.  I had already been to One Inspired Evening as a guest of an artist but didn’t really pay a lot of attention to what was going on.  The story told at Taste caught my attention and inspired me.  I then set up a few events to benefit Inspiration (a guest chef’s dinner and a couple off site beer dinners).  Last year I was asked to help with One Inspired Evening and then asked to join the Board.  I have been in the service industry ever since I got out of the Marines and have always loved the parts of Inspiration Corporation that deal with the service industry.”

Thank you both for your contributions to One Inspired Evening, it’s certain to be a stellar event!