Before coming to Inspiration Corporation David’s life was marked by incarcerations, drug addiction and danger, but since becoming involved with Inspiration Corporation he has made, in his words, “a dramatic change.”

David found Inspiration Corporation in the spring of 2013, through St. Leonard’s Ministries – a shelter for recently released ex-offenders.  He was determined to make a change and leave a life of selling and using drugs behind.  When the staff at St. Leonard’s suggested he enter Inspiration Corporation’s Employment Preparation Training Program, David seized the opportunity.  He enrolled in the 4-week program designed to help students gain the skills needed to find and retain gainful employment.  This transformational program not only teaches standard skills such as resume and cover letter writing or job interviewing, it also utilizes yoga, deep breathing exercises, and self-esteem building exercises.  David graduated the program in May of 2013 with flying colors.  He still raves about his trainer. He describes her as, “the one who pushed me; pushed me and gave me words of encouragement”David 8.14

However, he did not stop there or delay his job search.  Shortly after completing the program he secured a job at Eataly working on the night-time crew responsible for cleaning and maintenance on all cooking appliances.  David now manages and trains new employees on that crew; he has his own apartment, his GED, and bank account. In early August, David’s case manager assisted him in enrolling in an online sanitation class that was required by his employer.  He credits his positive outlook to the assistance and training he received at Inspiration Corporation.  “I never thought this was available,” David says, “It made me feel really confident to have that support.”

David’s road to self-sufficiency was supported at every turn by his case manager, whom he says, “Played a major role for me – he just supports.” Through his time at Inspiration Corporation he now sees that “people do care.”

There is still a long road ahead for David toward achieving his goals of going to college to earn a degree in engineering and entering a new career field, but he is exceptionally proud of how far he has come.  “When I was released, I was homeless, and going to these places made me stronger…and the outcome has been beautiful.”