Ed poses with his batons.

Since March 2015, Ed F. has been a dedicated member of Inspiration Corporation through our connection with the Wilson Men’s Hotel. During his time with us, Ed has worked with his Clinical Case Manager and received the support he deserves to move into more stable housing, access an affordable gym to stay fit, and increase his income by going back to work. Ed continues to stay motivated and work with his CM on additional goals, including expunging a past record and paying down past debt.

Outside of working with his Case Manager, Ed is also a regular for breakfasts at Inspiration Cafe, and he is often seen with two sparkly batons. Says Ed’s CM, “Ed is bright and dynamic; he lights up Inspiration!” As a natural in the spotlight, Ed tosses and twirls his batons with ease – he leads Lakeside Pride Band in the Pride Parade every summer. He loves to perform, and he sang beautifully at our annual Participant Holiday Party in December.

Ed has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for the elderly and in hospice care at Weiss Memorial Hospital for many years.  He has built strong relationships with people he’s cared for and helped to develop a strong Chicago community.  Ed looks forward to working with his Case Manager to continue to find emotional and mental support while applying for senior housing opportunities.  Ed says he joined Inspiration Corporation for “hope after losing my apartment. I feel like I’m encouraged by Inspiration to get back to work.”