This summer has seen many exciting new developments for Inspiration Corporation.  From the revamping of the Foodservice Training program, to new paint in the offices, change has been in the air.  Some of the most exciting transitions have been new the new faces around the office.  This summer, Inspiration Corporation hired three new staff members.  They are Megan Mineau – Grant Writer, Lucy Schoyer – Employment Services Trainer, and Amy Young – Development Assistant.

Mineau and Schoyer both completed internships with Inspiration Corporation before being hired full time, while Young heard about the company through our Volunteer Coordinator.  All three share a commitment to helping those affected by homelessness to improve their lives.  Lucy Schoyer calls their work inspiring; “There are a lot of structural barriers out there.  What inspires me is that I can help break down some of those barriers.”  Mineau added that she is inspired by, “how much strength people have despite all these barriers.”

Lucy Shoyer, Employment Services Trainer

Lucy Schoyer, Employment Services Trainer

As an Employment Services Trainer, Lucy teaches classes in the Employment Preparation Training program.  This four week program extends beyond typical employment training skills such as resume writing and cover letters.  Rather, it is designed to truly be a transformative experience for participants.  Among the main goals of the program are to increase self-esteem, confidence, and practice conflict resolution.  During a typical day, she leads training sessions in the morning; this week the theme is mindfulness and self-reflection.  Training sessions typically last about three hours, and then Lucy will return to the office to complete her case notes.

Megan Mineau, Grant Writer

Megan Mineau, Grant Writer

As Grant Writer, Megan shoulders the responsibility of soliciting donations in the forms of grants and pledges from philanthropic organizations.  A typical day can go in a million different directions, from preparing grant applications to tracking annual funding progress and cultivating relationships with donors.  Amy Young, who works with Mineau in the development office, manages the blog, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, processes incoming donations, drafts newsletters and announcements, and is the first point of contact for Inspiration Corporation on the phones.

While their duties and titles cover many different aspects of what we do here at Inspiration Corporation, all three have found a place where they feel motivated and excited to use their skills and talents to help others.  From Megan Mineau seeing a participant she worked with during her internship succeed in finding housing, to Lucy Schoyer finding that on the short walk from the front door to her office as many as ten people might greet her, the new faces at Inspiration Corporation are inspired daily to continue their important work.  Welcome Lucy, Megan, and Amy!