Participants and staff from Inspiration Corporation were thrilled to be a part of this winter’s Fear Experiment 3, a project created by Saya Hillman and Mac ‘n Cheese Productions. Fear Experiment is a seasonal initiative, that bills itself as, “A unique, fun way to create community, push oneself, learn something new, and laugh.  A lot.”  Saya approached Inspiration Corporation about creating some sort of partnership with Mac ‘n Cheese Productions, and found a natural fit with Inspiration Corporation’s Creator’s Circle.

Fear Experiment brings together strangers from all walks of life to learn an art form they’re not particularly skilled at. They rehearse this work for three months, then have the opportunity to perform it for one night in front of hundreds of people!  Fear Experiment 3 was based on a capella singing and stepping, and 37 people got a chance to showcase their new-found talents in front of over 500 people at the Park West in December.

Beth Ruegg, Rick Mathis, Leslie Pugh and Ray Thompson on stage at the Park West after Fear Experiment 3 (photo by Angela Garbot)

At the core of this project is an opportunity for people to investigate the role that fear plays in their lives, and then have the opportunity to be a part of an incredible learning experience that allows people to express their fears in a creative, new-found art form. Inspiration Corporation’s Creator’s Circle usually bases their work on writing to express and address their fears. This project was quite a leap for those involved, but the outcomes were thrilling to both staff and Inspiration Corporation participants.

Beth Ruegg said, “I must confess that during the week leading up to the fear experiment, I experienced a fair amount of turmoil. However, I knew that the show must go on. I enjoyed being there with everyone at Inspiration. It gave me a great sense of comfort.”

Rick Mathis found it a positive and uplifting experience. Although he was glad he wasn’t on stage speaking alone, he did say, “When I came back on stage to sing along in the finale, I was relaxed because I knew I wasn’t singing alone.”

Thank you to Saya, Mac ‘n Cheese Productions, and everyone involved in Fear Experiment 3  for bringing this project to our attention. We were glad to be a part of it, and hope to participate in Fear Experiments for years to come.