In the same week we’re celebrating Earth Day, we want to thank our friends at Garvey’s Office Products for sponsoring our electronics recycling drive for the first quarter of 2013.  Over 3 million tons of “e-waste” are disposed of every year, much of it still in landfills where toxic chemicals can leech into our soil and water. This is an issue in developed countries all over the world, and every electronic product that is disposed of properly makes the earth just a bit cleaner.

Alex Weber of Garvey's Office Products presents a check to Diane Pascal and Shannon Stewart of Inspiration Corporation

Obviously, we didn’t come close to the 3 million ton mark in recycled products, but with the efforts of staff, volunteers, and members of the community, we were able to bring a few truckloads of unwanted electronics to be disposed of properly in March. Inspiration Corporation received the proceeds for every recylable product Garvey’s collected from our drive and its own customers for the first quarter of 2013,  totaling more than $10,000.

Even though our portion of the Recycle for a Reason drive has ended, Garvey’s continues to collect unwanted electronics from its customers, and donates the proceeds to non-profit organizations. This program has been running for more than six years, and they’ve donated more than $110,000 in that time. They’re doing their part to protect the earth and help worthy organizations in the process. Thank you Garvey’s,  for helping keep our earth a little cleaner and safer for us all!