Jesse was incarcerated for a number of years and in turn experienced regrets and remorse about his life and the avenue he had chosen. He decided to not wait until release to start making changes and enrolled in the Roosevelt University college program. In utilizing this program through the department of corrections, Jesse earned his bachelors in General Studies with a focus on behavioral sciences in 2000.

Jesse A. 1

Jesse at Inspiration Corporation

Upon his release in 2012, Jesse found himself having to find a path back into mainstream society; his reentry through Saint Leonard’s Ministries introduced Jesse to Inspiration Corporation Employment Preparation Training program. “Not only did I have good reason to participate, I also had high hopes of a good outcome”. In fact, Jesse’s experience with Inspiration Corporation turned out to be more than he imagined. “I made a decision to pursue a professional career in drug abuse counseling. Moreover, Inspiration Corporation helped propel me through the doorway to accomplish this goal. Inspiration Corporation has helped me pay my college tuition and fees which I could not have done on my own.”

With hard work and the assistance of Inspiration Corporation Jesse has earned the college certificate in addiction counseling and is now scheduling to sit for the state licensure as a CADC. Jesse plans to continue to use Inspiration Corporation by continuing to work with career services to gain employment in the addiction counseling field. “I am very thankful to Inspiration Corporation and for good reason, my contact with Inspiration Corporation with the EPT program in preparing me for life and employment after incarceration has helped me to get where I am today.”

Most recently, Jesse was invited to read a poem on the air on WBEZ in a story featuring a poetry program at Saint Leonard’s Ministries.  Congratulations on all your hard work Jesse, and continue moving toward your goals.