A few Kenway staff members volunteering at their Charity Golf Outing this past September

It started many years ago at one of our annual fundraisers, One Inspired Evening, which always requires the hard work and dedication of a large group of volunteers. One of those volunteers was Christina Formentini, a management consultant at Kenway Consulting. She had a great experience at the event, and when Kenway decided to begin hosting a charity golf outing, Christina lobbied on our behalf and Inspiration Corporation became one of the benefactors.

For three years consecutive years, we have benefitted greatly from Kenway’s generosity through this event. In the short history of this event, it has rapidly grown in popularity and success, and this past September’s outing was the biggest one yet. For most businesses, that would more than satisfy their duty toward social responsibility. But not Kenway. When not golfing for charities or doing high-level consulting, a group of Kenway employees regularly serves breakfast on Saturday mornings at Inspiration Cafe in Uptown. We have even been fortunate enough to have Kenway’s CEO, Brian King, co-chair the One Inspired Evening committee for two consecutive years.

What started with just one employee helping out at a fundraising event has now moved to a company-wide sense of service and giving. Thank you Kenway Consulting for all that you do for Inspiration Corporation!