Kevin has been a member of Inspiration Corporation through our partnership with the Wilson Men’s HKevin R.otel since July 2015.  He has a contagious laugh and is often at present at our free, restaurant-style meals talking with friends and telling stories.  His case manager describes him as strong, dedicated, and kind.

In Fall 2015, Kevin lost his job and began to fall behind in rent. By Spring, he was no longer able to afford rent and, faced with an eviction, he moved to an emergency shelter in Uptown.

During his time in the shelter, Kevin focused his energy on faith, friends, and getting a job.  He worked with his case manager as well as other social service agencies to find employment and more stable housing.  Kevin’s strong work ethic and dedicated spirit paid off, and he obtained full-time employment as a security guard at a high rise apartment downtown.

At the time of his interview, Kevin spoke of next steps: “I feel good.  I got one more obstacle to climb – getting an apartment.  It’s coming.”  With a job, Kevin was able to apply for the Rapid Re-Housing Program and we are happy to report that Kevin moved into his new apartment at the end of June 2016!