From its earliest days Inspiration Corporation has relied on the support of countless donors and volunteers to keep the doors open and the lights on.  We’d like to spotlight one company that has made a huge difference in a unique way: Mickey’s Linen & Towel Supply Company.

Mickey’s Linen is a family owned business based in Chicago that supplies restaurants across the Midwest with essential goods like towels, aprons, table linens, floor mats and kitchen uniforms.  In 1999 they became an Inspiration Corporation supporter when Cynthia Brown, a member of the family that owns the company, Inspiration Cafe volunteer and future board member, offered their services to support our fundraising events.

Mickey's Linen generously donates the uniforms our Inspiration Kitchens students wear during their classes and in the kitchens.

Since that first gift Mickey’s Linen has been a perennial supporter of our work.  They donate all of the towels and aprons used during meals at Inspiration Cafe and The Living Room Cafe as well as the uniforms and aprons used by the Inspiration Kitchens students in Uptown and East Garfield Park.

Mickey Linen also provides hand-sanitizer dispensers and refills to all of our locations, helping us live up to our promise of providing homeless and low-income Chicagoans with dignity and respect in clean, healthy environments.

Mickey’s has also played a key supporting role in our two major fundraising events of the year.  They help us keep costs low at our annual Anniversary Dinner by donating tablecloths, napkins, bar towels, floor mats and laundry bags, and have been a sponsor of One Inspired Evening, our annual gala and art auction for the past several years.

Over the years, Cynthia has introduced her whole family to Inspiration Corporation.  We are thankful to Cynthia and the Mickey’s Team for their steadfast support and are proud to call them a part of the Inspiration Corporation family!