Parminder and Friends

Parminder and Friends assembling lunches.

Within the last year, Inspiration Corporation has been so lucky to have gained the support of a group of friends and family, led by Parminder Batra who got involved as a volunteer last December. The group, which we fondly call “Parminder & Friends,” now donates large quantities of bagged lunches for our participants on a monthly basis, and we are proud to name them our Volunteer Group of the Month for November!

“At the end of these afternoons, we feel renewed to go about our lives again – knowing we have spent time with one another while doing good in the community in our own little way.”-Parminder

After attending our volunteer orientation last year, Parminder reached out to her friends and family to gauge interest in committing to a monthly lunch donation, and she was met with a very positive response – they too wanted to help the community and make a difference, and they were excited to get involved alongside friends.

All of us at Inspiration Corporation are so grateful for this group’s support and what it means for our participants. Food insecurity is a difficult reality for many of the people we work with, and it’s incredibly helpful to have a reliable source of lunches to supplement our Meals Program. Thank you so much, Parminder & Friends, for your generosity and dedication to our organization!