When Edna came to us in the fall of 2012, she and her husband were both looking for work. She had heard about our Foodservice Training program from a friend, and Edna attended an orientation, and decided to take the tests as well. She passed the tests easily, and enrolled in the Foodservice Training program.

Edna had worked in restaurants before, but never had any

Edna edited

Edna making fresh pasta at Eataly

formal training. She’s always been a creative person, adding her personal flair to whatever she does, which led her to take a cake-decorating class several years ago. She decided then that becoming a pastry chef was her ultimate goal.

“It’s a dream of mine to be a professional pastry chef someday.”

Edna took to the classes immediately, and while the Foodservice Training program doesn’t offer a large pastry component, she really enjoyed the other portions of her training.

After graduation, Edna’s Career Specialist at Inspiration Corporation heard of openings at Eataly, and immediately thought of Edna and helped her get the job.

Edna was of course interested in a position in a pastry department, but has found great success working fulltime hand making pasta.

“I’m able to put a bit of my creativity into everything I do, and I really enjoy it!”

We have great graduates like Edna in kitchens all over the city, thanks to everyone who makes our Foodservice Training program run smoothly.