Summer may soon be coming to a close, but Inspiration Corporation isn’t letting it slip away just yet. Last Thursday, August 15th, we held our annual summer participant picnic. The weather provided the perfect afternoon for the occasion, as nearly 100 participants enjoyed the warm weather by the lake. There were many games played, from simple card games to croquet and football, a bit of something for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

Special thanks go out to all of the volunteers who grilled burgers,  hot dogs, dished out salads, and cleaned up from all of that work. Volunteers from CME Group manned the grills.  DJ Joe Black provided the entertainment, mixing tunes old and new for everyone to get their groove on. And huge thanks go out to Kraft Foods, for their generous donation of Kool-Aid Jammers, there was more than enough watermelon and lemonade flavored juicy goodness to go around for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who contributed or participated, for making this picnic one for the ages!