Inspiration Corporation is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Top Box Foods, a start-up, non-profit hunger relief organization that brings high-quality, low-cost foods to the communities that need it most.

Top Box Foods, an organization started in 2012 by longtime Chicago philantropist Chris Kennedy, bundles high quality meats and vegetables in food boxes. These boxes cost about half of the price of what they would normally cost in a supermarket. Top Box is establishing partnerships with community-based organizations across the city who are able to reach out to people who need this service the most and act as drop-off centers for the boxes as well. The Living Room Cafe has recently become one of those centers and is rapidly putting together all of the information to get the word out to our participants and friends in the area.

Boxes are made available the first week of every month. Those who want to participate fill out an order form in advance, and choose from a wide variety of boxes to help fill their needs.

You can read more about how the organization started, and what they’re hoping to accomplish in this recent Tribune article. Or, go to their website to find out more about their services and dropoff locations around the city.

We are excited to be one of many new locations to help provide this essential service in the fight against hunger in Chicago.