We help Chicagoans affected by homelessness and poverty to reach their fullest potential for self-sufficiency.

Key Findings

  • 37% of people employed at the time of the survey and another 45% employed within the last twelve months

  • Only 6% had never worked, and 55% had three or more years of cumulative work experience

  • Jobs were mostly temporary, entry-level positions paying at or near minimum wage

  • The majority of this group of people would not be best served by typical job-readiness programs or programs with rapid placement into entry-level work

  • Full array of supportive services is needed

  • Respondents faced a variety of other barriers to employment, although no one issue was shared by a majority of people

  • 1/5 of respondents indicated that their race, gender identity or sexual orientation had been a barrier to their employment

  • In spite of the obstacles in people’s way, the survey also highlighted the resilience and hope inherent among the respondents
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