• As demand continues to increase, we’ve activated some staff from the Inspiration Kitchens restaurant to come fill shifts at Inspiration Cafe. 
    • Chef trainers are helping to fill cook shifts, and front of house staff are helping serve to-go meals. 
  • We’re starting to incorporate pre-packaged beverages in our to-go meals to speed up service. 

Inspiration Kitchens

  • An access to technology survey went out to all current students and graduates on last Friday. We will have information to report on our students’ ability to interface with online curriculum next week. 
  • We’re leveraging the Millennium Garages Fund to purchase PPE equipment for job-seekers who need masks, gloves, etc. to secure jobs.
  • Access to cell phone minutes is a huge hurdle for job-seekers right now, as many people are not able to pay bills during the pandemic response period. 
  • The group, “3D Printed Face Shields for Swedish,” has been making face shields for Swedish Hospital, and donated some for staff to use.


  • We received significant in-kind support from Share Our Spare and Humble Design for our Housing Services program participants, including cleaning and household supplies, and baby supplies.

    • Share our Spare provides us with a monthly diaper distribution as well as access to their baby items such as toys, clothes, strollers, changing pads, play pens, exersaucers, swaddling cloths, safety materials, bottles, pacifiers, and women’s sanitary items.
    • Since we officially became partners in March 2020, we have received 1036 individual diapers and 20 packages of wipes as well as additional baby items for 16 families with babies under the age of 2 years.


  • We are helping our participants navigate the process of ensuring that they will receive relief checks from the federal government.
    • Many participants do not have any relationship with banks, a physical address to receive a check at, or may not have filed for taxes for the last few years due to extremely low income. 
    • Case managers are assisting participants in registering and completing necessary paperwork. 


  • We have nothing new to report. 

Ways to Help

If you are interested in contributing to Inspiration Corporation during this difficult time, please reach out to

  • Our Amazon Wishlist has items we are most in need of, and orders will ship directly to the Cafe (“Gift Registry Address” at checkout).