We want to introduce you to Daniel, who is a participant in our Housing Services program. He left home at a young age, and at times he was able to stay with friends but didn’t have a place to call his own.

Having to build his life back up, Daniel stressed the importance of having his own space. Inspiration Corporation and his case manager helped Daniel find his apartment.

“I’m truly blessed to have my own place. Every day I come home and thank God.”  Securely housed, Daniel has more control over his life and his future. He has started working again, and housing played a big part of of that.

The simple joy of having your own home can be lost on most of us, and this time of year it is especially important. Daniel said, “Just the warmness of your home…it feels good!” Daniel loves being able to relax in his own home, and his favorite part is his bedroom where he can “sleep sleep” all day.