Dexter first came to Inspiration Corporation through our connection with the Wilson Men’s Hotel, where he met his Clinical Case Manager, Kristin.  She told him about the many employment, housing, and supportive services available through Inspiration Corporation.  The father of three who has worked all his life before falling on hard times was interested in what she had to say.

Soon after finding Inspiration Corporation, Dexter enrolled in our Foodservice Training program.  The 13-week program covers not only culinary instruction, but also job search skills such as cover letter and resume writing skills, and perhaps most importantly self-esteem building.  Dexter flourished in an environment he calls, “100% helpful.”

Jan Dexter picture 1

He is one of the first participants to come through the Wilson Men’s Hotel to not just enroll in our most rigorous employment training program, but graduate successfully.  Having recently begun his job search, Dexter says the most important thing he learned is how to have a positive outlook.  He describes it as a “180-degree turn.  I’ve turned my whole life around and my attitude has changed a lot.  If I have a project, now I have a positive attitude about it.”

Dexter has so many big plans for his life that when asked he offers “the short version.”  His short term goals of course include finding a restaurant job, working for two years to save as much money as possible, and to prepare to open his first business within five years.   Considering the tenacity with which Dexter has pursued his training with Inspiration Corporation the future seems bright.  According to Dexter, he views Inspiration Corporation as “a good program because they give you a variety of opportunities to improve yourself.”  His final thought sums it all up, “I’d recommend it.”