Inspiration Cafe started with a desire to feed and connect with Chicagoans experiencing homelessness, and feeding folks warm meals is the root of what the Cafe and Inspiration Kitchens do. We continue to provide meals to those who might need extra support for a variety of reasons, no questions asked. As the pandemic continues to impact those experiencing poverty and housing instability immensely, it has only increased the demand for food assistance. We have been ready to jump up to the plate and meet these needs, however, cooking and handing out meals at such a high volume puts a strain on our facilities. We need your help raising $6,000 to cover maintenance and repair costs for our sinks, water heaters, and grease traps to ensure we can keep doing our work.

While these items seem mundane, they are critical needs. They help us continue these services and provide meals to our community, especially during the pandemic. One of our Participants, Bob, appreciates our meals because he can save on his expenses, and shared how glad he is that Inspiration Corporation is still going. We have been so grateful to our supporters for making it possible to keep our doors open. Please consider making a gift today and ensure our facilities continue to meet the needs of our community.