We’d like to thank our friends at Hazel, as our volunteer organization for the month of May. Everyone’s favorite boutique on Montrose has been a neighborhood favorite for more than 10 years. For several years, they’ve helped Inspiration Corporation by providing an essential element to our events: they’ve provided volunteers, flowers, and donated unique products for a raffle or silent auction.

The growing success of our holiday cards is due in large part to Hazel’s help. They’ve helped us find graphic designers to do the work, and have sold the cards in the shop, free of charge or commission, for 4 years.  They’ve held several fundraising days in their store, donating a portion of the day’s receipts to Inspiration Corporation. We can always count on the staff at Hazel to come through with that special touch for Taste of Inspiration, One Inspired Evening, or countless other events for Inspiration Corporation.

So, the next time you’re on Montrose, stop in and say thank you to David Vail and everyone at Hazel, for continuing to support Inspiration Corporation!