Before coming to Inspiration Corporation,  Jessica was taking a sobriety class at Dawson Skill Center where she collaborated with an employment skills counselor. Her counselor discovered Inspiration Corporation’s Foodservice Training program online and encouraged her to enroll. Jessica went to an orientation and took the required tests. The first time Jessica came to orientation and took the required reading and math exams, she fell just short of passing. However, she came back undeterred two weeks later to retake the tests and passed.

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Jessica, on her way to work at Inspiration Kitchens – Uptown.

Upon entering the program, Jessica had a basic knowledge of cooking passed down to her by her mother. She quickly learned how to properly use a knife and other cooking techniques. Jessica’s favorite part of the culinary training program was getting the opportunity to cook dishes that she had never been able to cook or eat before, like pizza, for example! Jessica graduated from the culinary training program in January of 2014. She has been employed with Inspiration Kitchens – Uptown since April of 2014.

The Inspiration Kitchens culinary training program has had a profound impact on Jessica’s life.  In the past, Jessica had always been taken care of by her friends and family. “The fact is, I enjoyed going through the program and when I got a chance to work and become independent,” Jessica says. By learning basic culinary skills and on the job training, Jessica has learned how to cook for herself at home and can now lead an independent lifestyle.

Jessica hopes to remain independent and to get a place of her own soon. She loves working at Inspiration Kitchens Uptown, and can’t wait to see where her journey takes her next. According to Jessica, “I was able to start my life over again….and that’s a blessing in itself.”