James has a long work history, including 18 years working for the Board of Education. When he lost his job 2 years ago, he hadn’t looked for work or updated his resume for so long, he felt lost in the process.

His savings ran out quickly, and he was about to lose his home. He was living with his extended family of six who would be forced to live in a shelter.

He heard about Inspiration Corporation from a friend and came to us last September. He went through Employment Preparation training, which he found very helpful, and a great resource for bringing new ideas and a new outlook to his job search.

At the same time, one of our Business Services Representatives heard that a building in the Roseland neighborhood was looking for an on-site maintenance person. The position would provide housing in exchange for maintenance and upkeep of the building. James was highly qualified for the job, so our staff was able to make the connection, and he was hired immediately.

The quarters are a bit cramped for the entire family in a ground floor studio apartment. It’s not ideal, and James is looking for other work as well. But, he’s grateful to have a roof over his head and to keep busy with work.

“That’s what’s most important to me, being in a safe place with my family.”

He continues to work with one of our Career Specialists, to find work that will allow him a larger space more appropriate for his family.  He’s confident that position is right around the corner, and grateful for the many people he’s come in contact with at Inspiration Corporation, from the Employment Services Trainer to his Career Specialist.

“They’re all good people, and really helped me out when I needed it.”