Jennifer Miller RehfeldtAfter an external search, Jennifer Miller Rehfeldt has been named Inspiration Corporation’s Chief Program Officer.

Jennifer moves into the position after serving as Director of Employment Services at Inspiration Corporation, with responsibility for The Employment Project’s career counseling, employment preparation training, business services, and job placement and retention services; the Career Connections initiative, which links participants to further vocational training or education that will lead to employment; and Community Voice Mail, which offers free private voicemail to homeless Chicagoans.

Jennifer was selected because of her success in the workforce development field.

Under Jennifer’s leadership, the employment services program has increased the number of participants who have found and retained employment.  She has expanded and enhanced program services to include transitional job opportunities and Career Connections; established and maintained key partnerships with external agencies, leading to increased revenue, professional development opportunities for staff, employer contacts and job placements; and developed a staff that is actively engaged and enthusiastic about their work.  The Employment Project ranked first out of 22 Chicago providers during the 2010 HUD evaluation process for Supportive Services Only grantees.

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer!