This month, we are pleased to highlight Center for Student Missions (CSM) as our Volunteer Group of the Month! CSM has partnered with Inspiration Corporation for over 7 years, and we are so grateful for their continued support.

Center for Student Missions has historically supported us by coordinating volunteer groups to cook and serve at both of our cafe locations. This summer alone, CSM is covering over 10 meals on our volunteer schedule, which is especially significant as the summer season is when Inspiration Corporation has the most need for volunteers support.IMG_6031

Volunteers through CSM come to us from all over the nation to learn more about the homeless community in Chicago – they cook restaurant-style meals for our participants and serve them in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. The Chicago CSM Associate City Director, Emily Molloy, coordinates with our staff to arrange for these groups to fit into our schedule, and she we’re especially thankful for her hard work to bring us helpful volunteers.

We couldn’t be happier with this partnership, and we’re glad to be able to recognize Center for Student Missions as our Volunteer Group of the Month for July 2015!