If you’re heading to downtown Chicago on a Saturday, reserve parking online at Millennium Garages. Starting in January and continuing into 2017, Inspiration Corporation will receive a portion of the proceeds from Saturday daily parking reserved online at www.millenniumgarages.com for all four Millennium Garages operated by SP+!


Proceeds from this partnership will directly benefit participants who require specific documents in order to become employed.

Proceeds will create a Millennium Garages Direct Support Fund to help Inspiration Corporation’s participants pay for important documents and licenses as they work on their employment goals. One-time fees to obtain birth certificates, identification, GED testing, professional licenses and certifications can be a serious financial obstacle to people overcoming backgrounds of homelessness and deep poverty.

Millennium Garages reached out to us to establish this partnership out of a desire to help Chicagoans struggling with poverty to overcome the barriers that too often hold them back.

We are thankful to Millennium Garages and SP+ (the parking management company who will administer the program) for their commitment to helping our participants start new careers and build brighter futures. Visit www.millenniumgarages.com to book your Saturday daily parking at Millennium Garages when you head downtown!