We were excited to look out the windows at Inspiration Cafe this week and see a colorful new cart offering fresh produce to the Uptown community from the corner of Wilson and Broadway.

The new Neighbor Cart outside of the old Uptown station facade.

Dubbed the Neighbor Cart, it is part of the newest venture from Neighbor Capital, a social-impact business focused on finding creative solutions to create jobs for unemployed and under-employed Chicagoans while promoting wellness in the community.

Supported by a new vendor-training grant from the city of Chicago’s Department of Housing and Economic Development, the cart is one of 10 to roll out in the City of Chicago this year and offers Uptown residents a wide assortment of fresh produce for reasonable prices.

Another area nonprofit and friend to Inspiration Corporation, StreetWise, is helping to screen candidates to staff the carts as vendors.

Our Events Manager, Mindy Neveaux stopped by on Tuesday for some pears and apples and enjoyed the, “fantastic opportunity to get fresh fruit on the go.”

We’re excited to welcome the Neighbor Cart to the neighborhood both as an option for a quick, healthy snack, and a fellow organization committed to improving the lives of low-income Chicagoans!