You might have noticed recently that Inspiration Corporation has a refreshed logo! This new logo is part of a larger effort that has been in the works since early 2021, helping better align Inspiration Corporation’s brand with our current approach to the work we do. The result is product of input from all the different people who make up Inspiration Corporation’s community, including our staff, participants, board, volunteers, and donors, and we are deeply grateful for their support of this work! We’re looking forward to continuing to share more about this branding refresh with you over the course of the next few months. We are proud to share more about our new logo here, with much more on the way! 

About the New Logo

Inspiration Corporation’s new logo represents the diverse programs and people that make up Inspiration Corporation. The logo icon is made up of various shapes depicted in solid colors. The edges of these shapes are rendered with a bit of an organic, hand-drawn feel though they have crisp edges The center of the icon is a navy-blue chevron pointing up. Above this shape are three circles in teal, aqua, and sky blue from left to right. The middle circle lives a bit higher then the two on the sides. Below the chevron are three pillars in purple, red, and yellow from left to right. The central pillar is slightly longer and extends below the other two. All together, the icon fits nicely into a circle.


Everyone is welcomed and valued at Inspiration Corporation. We recognize that each person brings a unique experience to help us create a sum greater than our parts.


At our restaurant and cafe as well as homes everywhere, tables represent a place to come together over a meal, and a way to forge deeper connection and create community.


While many factors contribute to homelessness, by definition it is caused by a lack of housing. We recognize that safe, affordable, and accessible housing is a basic human right that everyone deserves.


We all have an innate capacity for growth and change.  We know that when people can access the resources they need their potential is limitless.

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