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Reginald connected with Inspiration Corporation in 2014 when his name was pulled off of the Central Referral System, the city-wide waitlist for supportive housing.  He was raised in the Cabrini Green Housing projects and stayed there into adulthood, before relocating in anticipation of the projects’ demolition.  The youngest of nine, Reginald recalls being spoiled as a kid: “I had a wonderful childhood. It was fun growing up here.”

In early 2016, Reginald enrolled in our 3-week employment preparation trainingReginald workshop. Despite concerns that the program might not be able to help him, he’s glad he stuck with it:  “I feel great, because that was a long struggle, and when I started the training program it was in the dead of the winter, it was cold. I weathered the storm and I got my blessing.” 

After graduating from the workshop, Reginald secured funding through Inspiration Corporation’s Career Connections program so he could attend training to receive his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). He completed a 6-week course for his CDL, which required a lot of work and dedication on his part: “It was well worth it.  The training, it was tough, but if you apply yourself and you stay focused…you’ll be alright, you’ll make it.”

With his new credentials, Reginald is feeling more confident in his search for employment.  He says that support from his Case Manager and access to meals is a huge help as well. He is a particularly big fan of our Bagged Lunches program, through which volunteers donate healthy and filling lunches to supplement our Meals program. Reginald recalls days when “we hadn’t eaten all day, so I’m glad they had those little meals.”