Please join us in congratulating Jean on being chosen as Volunteer of the Month! She has been volunteering with us for almost 2 years. Jean’s presence at our meals is always much appreciated! Read about her experience volunteering at Inspiration Corporation in her own words below:

“A good friend introduced me to Inspiration Café.  We took the training almost two years ago and I started serving in the dining room immediately afterwards.  I look forward to coming each time – to the hustle-bustle of the meal, to the teamwork of the staff, but especially to our customers.  Chatting with and getting to know them, both frequent guests and newcomers, has been a joy.  Some outgoing, some reserved – just like the rest of us! – but always engaging, polite and grateful.

Serving at Inspiration Café has given me the opportunity to experience diversity in a meaningful way.  This has enhanced my empathy considerably and given me an appreciation for the significance and effects of issues that I don’t personally encounter.  What a privilege it is to serve in this small way.

Beyond Inspiration Café, I’m also a regular volunteer at the food panty at my church and occasionally at One Northside in Uptown.  I enjoy cycling, hiking, continuous learning/study (any topic!), and my wonderful family – including 7 nutty grandkids!”