Sherry stopped by Inspiration Cafe recently for some help deciding between two different apartments.  Said Sherry, “I have options.  It’s a great feeling!”

Now employed at Captain Curt’s BBQ, Sherry has undergone a profound personal transformation.  Two years ago she became fed up with addiction and hopelessness and fled a living situation that was contributing to her problems to try to get clean.

The decision left her homeless.

Sherry drifted for several months before hearing about and enrolling in Inspiration Corporation’s employment preparation training.  “I just went for it,” says Sherry.

After graduation, Sherry worked with her case manager at Inspiration Corporation and completed certifications in customer service, culinary skills, food & sanitation service, and more.  “They’ve helped me with jobs, resumes, cover letters, how to communicate, housing, transportation, shoes,  uniforms.  For that I am truly grateful.”

Sherry credits the assistance she has received and the strong, supportive community at Inspiration Corporation as well as her new church for the improvements she has made in her life.

“It’s a beautiful feeling, being able to hold my head up.”