W Singleton 2

Billy pictured with his two daughters

William S., known to most as Billy, grew up in Humboldt Park, a white kid in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood with racial tension. At the age of 14, Billy joined a gang and was its president by the age of 19. After a life of gang banging and his third incarceration, he decided to do something different. Upon release, he went to St. Leonard’s Ministries and concentrated on completing his parole for the first time.

With his convictions, Billy was having a difficult time finding work and was advised by his counselor to enroll in Inspiration Corporation’s Employment Preparation Training (EPT).

While  in EPT, Billy learned that there is a different life outside of the gang banging and the life he was so used to living. After completing the program he began employment with A-Z Repair and Improvement doing plumbing and construction. This opportunity has led him toward a more self-sufficient life where he now has his own apartment and a vehicle. This huge step will assist him in reaching his goal of beginning his own business in the plumbing/ heating and cooling industry.