Since April, Inspiration Corporation has been partnering with Literacy Works to host a weekly Writer’s Circle.

The Circle has been a great way for participants to enjoy a broader sense of community through the writing and sharing of stories. On Thursday May 31st, the group hosted Story Slam, presenting some of their wonderful poetry and prose to a packed housed at Inspiration Cafe.

One piece featured the experience of the author coming to terms with the risk and adventure of taking on a 743 page novel by author Tom Wolff. The piece included some beautiful parallels to her experiences of moving into New York City. Another reader shared a piece of prose about the experience of the being broken and restored through a spiritual journey.

The Writer’s Circle is a natural complement to the work that participants are doing in Inspiration Corporation’s employment preparation training, which uses storytelling as a tool for helping participants become the author of their own lives, as employees and as members of their communities.

Many of the presented pieces are included in the novelette “Meditations from the Table” produced by and available from Literacy Works.

View a photo journal of the Writer’s Circle on photographer Andrew Collings’ website.