Thanks are in order to our Supportive Services intern, Caitlin Bergh, who made Inspiration Corporation the beneficiary of “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too”, a night of stand-up comedy hosted by Ever Mainard’s Comedy Cares.

Caitlin Bergh

Caitlin starts her set at Comedy Cares.

Chemically Imbalanced Theater was packed on January 19 for the event, featuring five comedians: Caitlin Bergh, Lisa Lauretta, Ras Gierstikas, Milliseconds Merkal, and Ever Mainard.

Guests enjoyed delicious cakes baked by Kristen Lombardo, drinks by Donny from Woodsugars Comedy, and tunes by Crailin Hardy who provided pre-show music. Together, Caitlin and Comedy Cares raised almost $1,000 for Inspiration Corporation!

As an intern from the University of Chicago, Caitlin is providing a year of service to our Supportive Services programs.

Thanks to Caitlin, Comedy Cares and Ever Mainard for going above and beyond for Inspiration Corporation!