Around the corner from Inspiration Cafe in Uptown is a church tucked away among the condos and apartment buildings on Malden. This small neighborhood church, Lakeview Church of Christ, is our volunteer organization of the month of February.

Members from this church have been serving hearty dinners at Inspiration Cafe since as long as anyone can remember. This fun and diverse group always manages to create a brand new menu despite volunteering here monthly for many years. Participants at Inspiration Corporation are quite fond of the Lakeview Church of Christ, and just like you’d request your favorite dish from your parent for dinner at your next visit, participants often request specific dishes of the Lakeview Church of Christ for the next time they cook. Like any parent who dispenses TLC and good home cooking, Lakeview Church of Christ always obliges by making that special dessert that’s requested or that special side dish. As with any group that volunteers for an extended period of time, their group leaders understandably vary from time to time.  However,  the important thing that remains the same each time they visit Inspiration Cafe is the commitment and joy they bring to our guests each time they are here.

Not only are they our volunteers of the month for February, but we are pleased to announce they are the winners of the 2013 Jennifer Kihm Visionary Award, which Inspiration Corporation presents each year to an organization that provides invaluable support to the mission of our organization. Thank you for all that you do Lakeview Church of Christ!