Thanksgiving at Inspiration Kitchens

Each year, Chicago chef and restaurateur Bill Kim invites a team of fellow chefs to come together and prepare a free Thanksgiving meal at Inspiration Kitchens for residents of the West Side who are struggling with poverty and homelessness.

“The idea for Chefsgiving sprang from wanting to directly connect with the communities that these types of culinary events seek to give back to but rarely include and involve. By gathering together at the table, I know we can gain a better understanding of how we can best support our neighborhoods in need.”

Bill Kim
Chef and Restauranteur

5th Annual Chefsgiving

We are excited to share that we celebrated our 6th Annual Chefsgiving on November 20th, 2021 by delivering prepared meals directly to shelters on the West Side.

Although this year’s event might have looked a bit different logistically, the mission has remained the same – to provide a delicious, homemade Thanksgiving meal for community members in need!

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